Wednesday, 12 December 2007

I've Been Taged !!!!!!

I've Been taged by the fabulously,wonderful Terri on Terriballeys blog
7 Things about myself !!!!
1)I hate writing LOL,with me being dyslexic i have to get my poor hubbie to check nearly everything as even me and the spell checker dont get one LOLxxx.
2)I have botox (i dont want to get old +i am vain LOL).
3)I dont leave the house with out lipstick .
4)I got married in the Dominican 9 years ago .
5)I have a younger sister 2 years younger than me ,
6)I am scared of birds .
7)I would love to be able to water paint pictures (proper landscapes LOL).

Here is the list of people i have tagged(in no special order )
1) Leanna. .
2)Michelle. .
3)my paper world . .
4)Meayla. .
5)Funky Sharon .


leann said...

heehee - loving the botox confession!!! i've promised myself a huuuuge needle-full when i hit 30!
will have a think about my answers - i'm not very interesting really ;)

leann said...

ok - i've done it! prepare to be very, very bored though... ;)

All Pink girl said...

You ort to see of the dose i have LOL,xxxxx

Lauren said...

You are too funny! Thanks for the laugh - hehehehe.

scrappermimi said...

What a fun list! I love learning about others!

True confessions are the best!

My Paper World said...

Great fun, loved reading it!
Still thinking about mine!

malieta said...

This was funny and very interesting! Thank you for sharing.

just lisa said...

You are so funny! Great answers!!

Karen said...

Good to learn more about you Dawn, but BOTOX ??? That could have bought a lot of craft stash! LOL

Glitter Monkey said...

Botox! Goodness! I am too vain to get it in case it goes wrong (and I am 36). Lol xx

Deb said...

INteresting facts, enjoyed these!
Happy Christmas, hope you have a fab time!

Stamping Seasons said...

Terrifies of needles... plus I'd probably break out in coldsores!!!
Love the cards you do. Very distinctive.

gina said...

Have a great christmas Dawn, hope you get all you want and more.
Love the botox confession as well, you are braver than me :)
Gina x

Peta Boardman said...

Thats so fun!! Thanks for the laugh..By the way love those b&w cards in your last post..

leann said...

hope you all have a fabby time too!!!
big christmas hugs x x x

Michelle said...

Hi Dawn, Thanks for the tag, I have played along. Hope you don't mind but I have finally got round to adding you to my fav list on my blog. I would also like to wish you a very merry Christmas x

Marlou said...

Hi Dawn, just trying to catch up with everyone :) had a fab honeymoon, I will post pics up soon on my blog. Your cards are amazing that you have made since I have been away, fabulous designs , have a great Christmas, with many blessings xx

Melissa Goodsell said...

I enjoyed reading your list and I love the cards here on your blog, they are gorgeous!

juliejules said...

Hi Dawn thanks for your comment on my blog, have a great Christmas, Jules x

Helen & Co. said...

Hi Dawn - you realise you have to post a picture of yourself now, so we can see your SMOOTH forehead!!
Just stopping by to say hiya babe, and wish you a very very happy Christmas!
Love Helen x

My Paper World said...

Happy Christmas Dawn xx